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The Keys to Using SEO for Targeted Lead Generation

Lead generation and SEO can be a powerful one-two punch in the B2B industry when employed together. First, SEO can increase visibility, allowing lead-generation strategies to channel customers directly to the point of sale.

You must apply SEO for targeted lead generation to maximize growth and revenue. This Huumon article walks you through how to do just that.

Before implementing SEO for lead generation, you must understand both tactics’ critical role in your marketing strategy.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is an essential marketing strategy that funnels potential prospects from the initial point of visibility to the last step of making the sale. As the first step of demand generation, lead generation cultivates potential customers while nurturing and guiding them through the sales process.

Though lead generation can be understood relatively quickly, the entire process, when done correctly, requires time and effort, and partnering with a B2B lead generation company gives time and workforce back to your business so that you can focus on selling.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is a strategy for boosting visibility through Google and other search engines. Through keyword optimization and content strategy, SEO generates a higher ranking on search engines and moves your web page to the top of the search results, creating more visibility for your business.

Because of the increase in both the quantity and quality of leads, SEO is a vital step for the success of lead generation efforts. Without it, your web page and business will be lost in the bottomless pit of Google.

Why Use SEO and Lead Generation Together?

SEO gets the ball rolling; lead generation keeps the ball rolling through the sale and beyond.

SEO’s power to create visibility and lead generation’s ability to funnel prospects to the point of sale are complementary assets. When used in tandem, these can result in a more significant market share for your business.

A recent study found SEO to be the highest-ROI online lead generation strategy. Through the increase of exposure through SEO, lead generation has a greater pool of promising consumers to work with, initiating a good uptick in sales. Although understanding why SEO and lead generation maximize visibility and sales when employed together is critical, the keys to application and execution are more challenging to implement.

Below, we look at a few ways your business can optimize growth and conversion rates through SEO for lead generation.

The Keys to Using SEO for Targeted Lead Generation

Define Your Audience, Identify their Needs, and Let that Inform Your SEO

Lead generation is a unique strategy in that it’s a highly targeted form of marketing. You aren’t casting a wide net to bring in as many potential leads as possible. Lead generation focuses on solid tips which are likely to become long-term customers.

Defining your audience is the first step in crafting an SEO strategy for lead generation. Answer the questions

  • What are my audience’s needs?
  • Is my audience aware of those needs?
  • Why is my product the best option for my audience?
  • What will keep consumers shopping with me long-term?

Once you’ve answered those questions, you can build SEO that enhances your lead-generation efforts. Because SEO relies on relevant, valuable content, it is pertinent that your business does not misidentify or misrepresent your target audience, or else your website will be invisible.

Create Informative Content that Satisfies the Search Intent

You know what your target consumer needs. With effective SEO, you can make them aware of those needs and how your products and services can meet them.

Creating user-specific content that engages strong leads is an essential component of SEO for lead generation. Additionally, content that generates value for your customer is critical to B2B lead generation and your content strategy.

Because creating content is a huge component of SEO, aligning your content with the visitor search intent is crucial to converting a lead into a customer. Lead generation prioritizes strong leads likely to buy. Therefore, you need content that targets the user’s search and delivers compelling content directly to them.

The best way to ensure your content creates value for your audience is to develop a clear B2B content strategy. When you do, your content reaches your audience and resonates with them, bringing leads through the sales funnel.

Regular Publishing Supports Lead Generation Efforts

An effective SEO strategy includes regular content publishing. The more content you publish, the more opportunity you have to include and rank for keywords when potential clients enter queries into Google Search.

Consistent publishing does more than build out your keyword strategy. When you publish content regularly on your site, you earn authority from Google. Consistent, high-quality blogs and articles help you gain credibility with the search engine giant and, resultantly, the searchers.

The higher your domain authority, the higher your rankings on Google’s SERPs. And when you’re focusing on lead generation, top spots in the search results are critical. Most users don’t scroll past the first page when conducting a Google search. If you can implement regular publishing practices as part of your SEO strategy, your chances of earning a prime spot exponentially increase.

And in addition to earning valuable visibility on Google, consistent publishing positions your brand or business as a thought leader in your industry. B2B shoppers constantly research and compare the best solutions for their company’s unique needs. Regular publishing conveys your authority in your industry and builds trust among leads, leading them to explore your business further.

Conduct an SEO Competitor Analysis

Conducting a proper competitor analysis allows you to identify and understand the methods and content that have succeeded or failed among your competition.

By inspecting a competitor’s web page, you can locate and track content that brings quality traffic, then attempt to replicate what has proven to pay off. Not only can you look at the achievements, but you can also see the failures of their content. So what mistakes or mishaps can you avoid when creating your own?

Understanding your competition’s SEO and lead gen methods allows you to shape your own more effectively. In addition, an SEO competitor analysis also provides insight into gaps in your content.

What are they ranking for, and how can you earn their spots? A competitor analysis shows you.


Brands and businesses need SEO and lead generation to stimulate growth and revenue. Effective SEO and lead generation will increase visibility and quality leads that will ship down the funnel to conversion.

Partnering with a B2B lead generation agency like Huumon can bring your business qualified visibility through these practices. Reach out to our team today to discuss how our marketing strategies can meet your B2B needs.