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Cruise Marketing & Industry Trends Shaping 2023

A cruise is a great way to travel. Cruises offer an incredible opportunity to see the world from a protected perch. If you’re planning on a cruise, there are a few trends you should know about before you begin. Today’s modern cruises offer an incredible opportunity to see places you didn’t know you could reach by a cruise. They also have options such as green cruising, travel that’s all about women and Generation Z, and a chance to restore the balance between your body and mind as you travel. Take advantage of these wonderful options and have a cruise that can help you discover worlds, a world of fun, and a place to find truly total relaxation.

Amazing New Destinations

One of the most amazing things about the new possibilities in cruising is that they can go just about anywhere. Cruises are now forging ahead to wonderful new destinations people didn’t know they could go to. For example, travel to the Galapagos Islands saw a fourteen percent increase over the previous year. Cruises are bringing people to destinations out of the ordinary. People can now travel in style and comfort to regions of the world that have rarely seen this kind of travel before. If you are thinking about a cruise, you’ll often be astonished at the possibilities in front of you right now.

Bucket Lists

Many people have a list of places they have always wanted to see. Now is the time when many people are using a cruise to help that bucket list come true. Places like Antarctica have seen a vast increase in the number of people visiting. These numbers are only expected to continue to increase.  Cruises are showing travelers that it is possible to go anywhere and do anything they want. Having luxurious accommodations waiting from them onshore is an ideal and totally modern way to travel. Pick a place and let the cruise director bring you there in complete style with amazing ease.

Emphasis on Wellness and Healthy Eating

As people travel, they want to bring their healthy eating and fitness habits with them. Cruises are rising to the challenge with menus that bring in something for everyone to enjoy while at the same time not bringing on the unwanted calories and fat. With more than three-fourths of the American public not eating enough of certain foods like vegetables, the need to encourage healthy eating remains more important than ever. Cruise staffers know how to help people enjoy their time at sea and have incredible options for every single meal. People who have dietary restrictions will find it easier than ever to eat right when on board.

Gen Z Impact

The new generation is growing up and heading out to see the world. Cruise companies are responding to them where they are right now. Generation Z is poised to be over a third of the world’s population. They are transforming every single thing they touch. Cruise directors are more aware than ever that this generation can make an impact on the travel habits of the entire world. The new cruisers are looking for certain things when they take a cruise. They want something out of the ordinary they can’t find anywhere else. They also want an experience they can savor and share with others. Those who watch this industry closely realize this is one group of people that will change the very way that people think about the idea of cruising. Keeping an eye on their preferences as they grow up remains a concern for many industry insiders and travel managers.

Green Cruising

As cruise designers and ship owners look to the future, they realize it is a green one. They are looking for ways to reduce the impact that ships have on the environment as people travel the seas. This mission is one they embrace with great happiness. Many are aware that even small changes can make a big difference. For example, a new cruise is not being run on batteries. This innovative thinking is the kind of thinking that helps make the cruise industry anew. The use of new kinds of power can help make every travel relax knowing they are traveling in an environmentally sound way. Industry insiders expect this process to continue going forward. Shipbuilders are looking at ways of transforming ships in the process. They’re also looking at ways to revamp their existing lines and make them safer and more friendly to travelers and the entire planet at the same time.

Instagram Travel

Social media is more influential than ever before when it comes to traveling. This trend applies even more than ever to cruisers in the new year. There are three hundred and fifty million posts with a hashtag related to travel in some way. People are using social media to help them get access to firsthand accounts of new places that might be on their agenda as they decide where to travel. They are looking for insider information that allows them to choose where they want to head on vacation. This trend should continue to be a noteworthy one this year. People want to document where they’ve been and where they are going. They also want to show people what they’re seeing along the way to people who care about them. Travelers are looking for experts and influencers on board who can help them work with social media to create charming posts.

Off-Season Destinations

As Americans decide where to travel, it is to certain destinations. Places that are increasingly seeing new travel are places like Alaska, where the number of people choosing to cruise is up by seven percent and expected to continue to climb in the new year. One area that should see even more growth in the new year is places that may not see a lot of travel during certain times of the year. Off-season cruising is one way to save a bit of money and have a chance to see a new destination in the process. Cruise directors are offer destinations that people can enjoy all year long. People who want to head off to places like the Caribbean islands any time of the year. Travelers know they can head off anywhere they want without the need to worry about catching a ferry from one place to the next. They also know that taking a cruise means having a place to stay as they go, even when there aren’t many people at any given destination. This kind of travel is only going to grow as the world of cruising expands into areas all over the globe.

Solo Travel

Travelers today are not afraid to venture out by themselves. They want the freedom to travel alone without the need to consult with others. They love having the opportunity to investigate whatever pleases them as they make their way through new places. This trend is only expected to apply to cruises as well as other forms of travel this year. Repeat solo travel is something that over a third of all travelers are willing to do again and again. Cruise ship directors are looking for ways to entice solo travelers and keep them happy on board. Travelers today can expect to see a world of options when it comes to traveling via a cruise today. People can find large tables where they can meet others as they enjoy meals and make lots of new friends. They can also expect offshore excursions that take into account their specific plans with lots of different possibilities at each and every port.

Woman-Centered Trips

Women are making more money than ever before and enjoying it. They’re using their funds to do all sorts of unexpected things. One place where women are putting their money is that of travel. Almost three-quarters of women want to travel along. They are happy to head off to incredible new destinations. Cruises are a huge part of this travel plan for many women. Busy women find that taking a cruise allows them to use their time effectively. They don’t have to spend a lot of time making sure they have transportation between destinations. They also don’t have to look for a place to stay in each port of call. Women like the idea of having a safe space where they don’t have to feel uncomfortable. A safe and protected space where women can relax as they travel will continue to appeal to women all over the globe as they make their personalized travel plans each year.

Working and Playing

Work is a big part of life for many people. People want to be able to work no matter where they are and what they’re doing. Companies are hiring thousands of workers in the new year. The same is true of workers who are looking for a place to work and a bit of fun with them as they see new places. Travelers find that combining work and cruising can be incredibly useful. Many cruise lines offer trips that allow people to do both. A working vacation onboard is a wonderful way to combine the chance to network with others while also expanding one’s understanding of the world. Expect to see places like conference rooms at sea onboard even more often. Work and play are a fact of life for many cruise lines today.