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Golf Course Marketing Ideas To Increase Tee Time Booking

If you run a golf course and want it to be as successful as possible, it’s important to know that implementing a solid marketing plan will play an integral role in helping you realize your objective. Unfortunately, many golf course business owners overlook the central role that effective advertising plays in improving their public image, enhancing conversion rates, and building brand ambassadors. Don’t commit to this oversight.

Five Challenges The Golf Course Industry Faces

Before you start thinking about how to effectively market the services and amenities provided at your golf course, you must first consider the primary challenges within your industry. Here are some of them:

1. Competition

Typically, consumers will have more than one golf course to choose from. Since this is the case, it is imperative that you take strides towards making your company the most appealing and attractive to potential consumers. This means that doing substantive research on your primary competitors is mandatory. Some of the strategies you can implement to ensure that you know your competition include reading their website, analyzing their brochures, and periodically taking guest visits to their property.

2. Location

Location can be a big barrier preventing potential consumers from visiting your golf course regularly. With this reality in mind, it’s important to improve a prospect’s likelihood of visiting your property by ensuring that they will have access to a wide range of incredible services and amenities when they arrive. When you get in the habit of consistently creating exciting, fun, or otherwise fulfilling experiences and learn how to advertise access to these experiences effectively, you’re much more likely to win new business.

3. Pricing Expectations

Another challenge that individuals in the golf course industry tend to experience is pricing expectations. While you may think a certain rate is reasonable, the public may find it outlandish or just a bit too pricey. With this reality in mind, it’s important to research and determine the average going rates for golf courses that provide the specific services and set you to do.

4. Time

Many potential customers are turned off by the golf course experience because they perceive it too time-consuming. Does your golf course require players to participate in the traditional 9 or 18 holes? If so, you may consider allowing them to pay by the hole.

5. Marketing Myths

One final challenge that can prevent your golf course company from doing well is exposure to various marketing myths. Although this realm is complex and oftentimes convoluted, the advertising issue can be simplified with the adage: Do what works. When you find that certain marketing strategies are not yielding results, abandon them and try something new until you notice a consistent, substantive increase in your conversion rates.

While no one set of marketing strategies will work for everyone, there are several advertising myths that will doom almost anyone to failure and setbacks. Some myths include the idea that you need to market to everyone, and blog posts and web articles are no longer necessary in video production. Avoid these myths at all costs as you put your marketing campaign together.

7 Marketing Ideas For This Industry

Now that you’re familiar with various challenges within the golf course industry, it’s time to focus on marketing strategies you can use to increase sales. Along with having a great golf course website, and optimizing it for local Google SEO, here are 7 additional marketing strategies for your golf course:

1. Video Production

Video production and drone videos are wonderful ways to appeal to your consumers. While blog posts and web articles are still effective ways to communicate your brand’s value to consumers, videos are just as and often more efficacious. This is the case because it is easier to absorb information in video format, and this type of advertising can make people feel as if they are being entertained rather than having to actively skim through paragraphs of information to see what is being offered.

2. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

If you’re really serious about increasing your golf course’s sales, be sure to hop on the social media bandwagon immediately. Millions of people use channels like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with people, learn about new products, make purchases, etc. As such, you should start connecting with members of your target market through these venues asap. A Twitter poll is a great SMO technique that might work wonders for your brand. The Twitter poll can include various general questions pertaining to golf or your course. You can use this as a research method to learn what types of services, amenities, and products members of your target market are seeking when they come out to play.

3. Content Marketing Optimization

It’s no big secret that content marketing is still a central component of online advertising. Yet not all golf course business owners have taken the time to analyze and optimize the content they produce. Yet you should. Doing so can make the difference between average and exceptional conversion rates. When you get into the content optimization process, some things to consider include the value of adding images and the importance of using textual elements such as headers and bullet points to increase readability.

4. Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is an “old-fashioned” advertising mechanism that works wonders in the modern world. This is the case because receiving information directly through the mail is a much more personal, engaging way to interact with a brand than a television commercial. With this reality in mind, think of sending prospects postcards, holiday greetings, brochures, and other printed material via mail.

5. Retarget Old Customers

Sometimes golf course business owners lose touch with old customers. In some cases, these individuals move away or stop opening their emails. Irrespective of the cause for losing touch, it’s important to explore these old relationships to determine whether the customer is still interested in your golf course. You can set up a remarketing campaign through Facebook’s Ad Network or Google to get started.

6. Promote Your Gift Card Offerings

Gift cards are an incredibly effective advertising tool. These can be given out for various occasions, including employee appreciation, retirement, graduations, holidays, and birthdays. With this reality in mind, think of giving your customers gentle reminders that a gift card would be a perfect gift. Remember that the individuals who use the cards may eventually become your most loyal customers!

7. Brand Ambassador Marketing

In addition to building your client base, advertising is designed to turn your existing clients into individuals who will enthusiastically share your brand with others. This is what brand ambassador marketing is all about. Because word-of-mouth advertising is still the most powerful form available, implementing strategies that will encourage your current customers to share your golf course with others is important. There are many ways that you can get the ball rolling, including by offering incentive packages. These packages can include an offer like 15% off your next round of golf when you sign a friend or family member up for a trial membership.


Once you realize that you want your golf course to become an increasingly competitive force, it’s time to optimize your marketing efforts. Utilize some or all of the advertising strategies outlined above to get on the road to increasing sales soon!